But not JUST Barn Plans!

We still offer you a line of simple, concise and easy to read blueprints designed with the owner/builder in mind. Clear, precise AutoCAD drawn blueprints which reflect nearly 40 years of building, design and drafting experience, and now we offer you eight sizes of the same Gambrel Barn design from which to choose, with more on the way! You want bigger barns ... We've got bigger barns!! From 8 to 36 feet wide, and from 12 to 60 feet long! The plans range from an attractive horse barn, to a garage/workshop, to a beautiful two-story Gambrel Barn Home with up to 4320 square feet of total floor space! All with our unique engineered gambrel truss design.

We give you the plans for the basic barn shell with a loft or full second floor. From there, you set-up that garage/workshop you've always wanted! You put stalls and storage in your horse barn where you want them! You create the floor plan for your new two-story Gambrel Barn Home to fit your family and your life-style exactly. Once you have the basic Gambrel Barn Shell, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Go ahead and have a look around. Bring your imagination with you! We think you'll like what you see... and be sure to check out the FAQ page to help answer all those Frequently Asked Questions!

Barnplans Barn Showcase

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Hey Guys!! We just did a facelift on our Barn Showcase features page! That's right, we completely re-did the Barn Showcase where we do photo features of your barn projects. You can still see all of the Barn Showcase features, with new ones added every few months, but now it's in a new easy-to-navigate numbered interface. It's WAY easier to get around and you'll still get to see what other BarnPlans barn builders have done with their own Gambrel Barn Homes, Garage/Shops and Horse Barns!

The new interface consists of a collection of numbered thumbnail photos that show the barn model and size, who built it and where it was built. You can go directly to any Barn Showcase feature that catches your eye by simply clicking on the thumbnail photo. The current Showcase feature will be spotlighted in the Number One position and then retired to our new numbered Showcase Archive where it will remain on display so other folks can see just how cool you are and get ideas for their own barn project. Check it out by clicking any of these blue Barn Showcase links, or go to the navigation bar on the left of your screen.

So keep on sending us those barn photos and maybe you'll see yours in our BarnPlans Barn Showcase!

... On The Road Again!!!

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Old Willy Nelson said it in a song, "....I just can't wait to get on the road again." Over here at BarnPlans, Inc, if we're not building a barn or helping you get your's built, we like to hit the road and go see this beautiful country of ours! Naturally, our favorite thing is traveling the back roads of every state we can get to, checking out the barns of that particular area. With over 5000 of our barns out there in the mix, we've found it a lot of fun to pick a state and go visit our customers and actually see the barns they built! So, we've decided to share our adventures with you guys by creating a whole new feature on our BarnPlans web site....we call it, BarnPlans, "ON THE ROAD".

We'll be bringing you an interactive "Barn Tour" photo album complete with road map and route traveled in an easy to navigate "click-thru" interface, much like our "Barn Showcase" features. You'll meet the people who built their barns from our plans and see the barns they built, along with some great old barns from the area and whatever else we ran across that was cool!!

It's Called a Cupola!

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Check out the brand new "Cupola Photo Showcase" . Photos of finished BarnPlans, Inc. Cupolas from all over the country!!

Take A Look!!

Vaulted Gambrel Side Entry

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One of the nicest additions to our BarnPlans family of designs is this elegant Gambrel side entry. 12' wide with a vaulted ceiling, this accessory feature creates a formal entry and will add a touch of class to your new Barn Home. It's big enough for even the widest double-door entry and will work with all of our Barn House sizes. Order it for your new Barn Home on our price/order page.

New 6' wide Gambrel Dormer Window

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You've been asking us about a 6' Dormer Window for your Gambrel Barns. Well, like want it, you got it!

We've just finished designing a great looking 6 foot wide Gambrel Dormer Window for the second floor of our 24' and 28' Gambrel Barn models and it's available now! Perfect for an upstairs bathroom, bed alcove or a bright, sunny office area!

We still have the 4 foot wide dormer window with the flip lid bench seat for the 16' and 20' barns and the 8' dormer window for the 32' and 36' barns, so now you have even more choices. They all provide lots of light and ventilation and look really cool, to boot!! Check the price/order page for pricing and ordering information.

"Mini-Barn" Storage Shed

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So you say you're happy with your current home, already have a nice three car garage and don't even own a horse, but you could use a little extra storage space? Well then, our Gambrel Mini-Barn Storage Sheds are just what you've been looking for.

Take A Look!!

Doggie Barn

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It's the brand new BarnPlans "Doggie Barn"! It comes in three sizes.... small, medium and large (duh!) and it's available on the price/order page.

Check it Out!!

Nationwide Sales

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Check out our new Oregon office!

How's this for a before & after?? We converted a regular ol' 780 square foot garage into this great looking 1560 square foot two story gambrel barn and built our new BarnPlans, Inc. headquarters upstairs. Well, we took pictures of the whole thing and now you get to see how we did it. It's set up just like our "Barn Showcase" get started click on the "before" picture to see the roof conversion photos and the "after" picture to see the office conversion photos....enjoy!!

Before!    After!

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