The Napa Barn

Napa barn photo

This 24' X 30' barns design was inspired by the need for a higher than normal entry while maintaining a relatively low profile roof line. The unique truss assembly allows the front door header to be set higher than with conventional truss systems of similar pitch.

Door heights of 8' (pictured) up to 12' are possible with only minor changes to the basic plan, making this barn/garage ideal for the homeowner with a large camper, motorhome or boat. Perfect for farm equipment, shop and storage. The double bi-fold doors give you the widest possible opening for unrestricted entry.

The 24' X 30' dimensions also makes it a great horse barn with plenty of room for at least four stalls and ample storage as well. Perfect with the optional 8' sliding door.

And, as always, the truss roof system totally eliminates the need for any interior post and beam supports leaving you free to put walls, stalls, equipment and vehicles anywhere you want them!

Take a look at the layout

Napa barn photo