A Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roof photo

Well, let's face it....it's a very attractive roof design, but there are practical considerations, as well. With no interior walls or support posts, our engineered Gambrel Truss design optimizes useable upstairs interior space. This series of diagrams shows just how the second floor lays out in each of our six different truss widths. It also shows you various heights along the interior of the sloped gambrel ceiling, ie. maximum height in the center, height at the "pitch break", how far in from the side wall a six foot height occurs, etc. We've even included 5'-4" tall Betsy in each one to give you an idea of the "walk-around-without-bumping-you-head space" available in the gambrel design. Wall-in the lower space wherever you want to create storage or leave it open for a place to put your "shorter stuff" like tables, a desk, a dresser, etc. Keep in mind, these are the interior dimensions....exterior roofline, not shown.

Use these diagrams to figure out what kind of space you need, what kind of space you get and, ultimately, what size barn you want. Remember, nobody's ever complained, "Gee, I sure wish I'da built my barn SMALLER!" Bigger's always better!!

36 ft. Gambrel Roof Diagram
32 ft. Gambrel Roof Diagram
28 ft. Gambrel Roof Diagram
24 ft. Gambrel Roof Diagram
20 ft. Gambrel Roof Diagram
16 ft. Gambrel Roof Diagram