The Garage / Shop

20 x 30 ft. Garage / shop photo

Inside this 20' x 30' Garage/Shop there's 600 square feet of shop space. Plenty of room for two full sized vehicle plus cabinets, shelves, benches and a big work area not to mention over 300 square feet of loft space for hobbies, storage or whatever.... make that 600 additional square feet if you decide to go with a full second floor!

If you need more room, we have six sizes. We have the smaller 16'x24' "Baby Barn" right on up through the 20'x30', 24'x30', 28'x40',32'x40' and 36'x60'.... and all of the barns (with loft or full second floor) can be easily extended to any length dimension you need with storage or living space upstairs. Can you say "Man Cave"?

The plans are for the complete barn "shell"....from there you can get as fancy as you want! And they all look great with any of our barn accessories.

Customize your two story Gambrel Garage/Shop into the "Dream Barn" you've always dreamed about!!

Take a look at the layout

Garage / shop photo

36' x 80' Garage Shop

Garage / shop photo

32' x 40' Garage Shop

Garage / shop photo

36' x 60' Garage Shop