The Horse Barn

32 x 40 ft. Horse barn photo

The whole idea of creating the stall layout for your two story gambrel horse barn is really very simple. The horse barn plans are for the complete barn "shell....totally open inside, upstairs and down, so you can actually set it up any way you want.

Basically, you figure out what size stalls you want. 12x12 is generally a good size but you can modify the size up or down a foot or two depending on the size of the critter you plan on putting in it.....and it doesn't have to be square! Then decide how many stalls you need, including room for hay, shavings, supplies, feed, tack, wash rack, etc.

Then choose the size horse barn plans that will accommodate your layout. We have the smaller 16'x24' "Baby Barn" right on up through the 20'x30', 24'x30', 28'x40',32'x40' and 36'x60'.

And, all of the barns (with loft or full second floor) can be easily extended to any length dimension you need with storage or living space upstairs and stalls downstairs....or the other way around, if you really wanted to!

Take a look at the layout

32 x 40 ft. Horse barn photo

32' x 40' Horse Barn

24 x 30 ft. Horse barn photo

24' x 30' Horse Barn

32 x 80 ft. Horse barn photo

32' x 80' Horse Barn

Horse barn stalls photo

Horse Barn Stalls